Mini PC for TV: Make Ultimate 4K Media Centers at Home

mini PC for TV

We live in a digital age where most families spend their time watching their favorite movie or drama series. People increasingly want to greatly expand the levels of entertainment that these devices give us, now it all goes down to finding the best solution and we’re guessing you’ve heard about mini PCs, correct?

Mini PCs may be a more cost-effective option than full-size desktops or all-in-one PCs in some situations. A compact desktop computer that costs cheap is simple to operate and can play almost any content such as Netflix, Hulu, Kodi and Plex, or anything a standard PC can do.

As long as you don’t expect to play any high-end games, they’re fine, and unlike other full-size desktops, they come with all the ports you need to connect multiple monitors and your audio and video components set up. Continue reading further to learn more about why do you need a mini PC for TV when you even already have a TV box.

Why do you still need a mini PC for the TV?

A mini PC is a desktop computer that is smaller than a traditional tower PC. An Android TV box is a streaming media player that runs on the Android operating system. Here are a few key reasons why a mini PC is generally a better choice than an Android TV box:

1. More powerful hardware. While an Android TV-Box might be cheaper, a mini PC will offer more powerful hardware.

2. More storage options. With a mini PC, you’ll have more storage options. You can either choose to install a hard drive or use an SSD for faster speeds.

3. More ports and connections. A mini PC will also offer more ports and connections than an Android TV-Box.

Plus, mini PCs are typically more affordable in the long run since they don’t need to be replaced as often.

Finally, mini PCs usually come with a full-fledged operating system, like Windows or Linux, while most Android TV boxes only offer a limited version of Android.

How to choose the best mini PC for the TV

Nowadays, finding the right mini PC is becoming a headache situation for most people. For a better viewing experience, there are a few criteria that one must consider when buying a mini PC for their TV.


When purchasing a mini PC, a processor is the most important factor to consider. The higher the processing power, the better the experience will be. But, for home use, the i5 will perform more than adequately.

Storage Capacity

It’s critical to consider how much storage capacity a mini-PC for TV has before purchasing one. Some people might not think this is an important factor, but the truth is that the higher the storage capacity, the more content you can store on your device.

Supports 4K Resolution

Make sure you keep an eye out for a 4k mini pc with the capacity to play high-resolution videos. Why is it a must-have? This is because all people want to watch 4K content on their computers.

Supports VESA Mounting

This is important make for a nice media centers, you can attach your small PC to the back of your TV via the VESA interface for a more compact experience.

3 Best Mini PC for HD 4K TV

Over 10,000 small form-factor mini PCs available right now, and the number of models grows daily. If you want to watch 4K content on your TV, These mini PCs with 4K resolution are the way to go.

1. Apple Mac Mini

This mini Mac from Apple is a brilliant little device. The 8th Gen CPU paired with the Intel UHD graphics makes light work of tasks and is a seriously good option for an all-around media center “PC”.

It can handle 5K resolution video and graphics. If you’re looking for a great mini PC for streaming TV and multimedia, this is a fantastic choice.

The main disadvantage of the Mac Mini is that it is less upgradeable than its competitors. If you know from the outset that you need more storage space, you should consider the 512GB version.

2. GEEKOM Mini IT8

GEEKOM mini IT8 supports 4K UHD video output and allows for up to four displays via HDMI 2.0, Mini DP, and USB-C port. Be it video games or TV shows, you will ensures an excellent viewing experience.

You can store more media content on it thanks to the equipped M.2 SSD, this helps the overall machine to give optimal lag-free experience.

it is a more-than-welcome addition to any media centers. It is, by far, the best choice on this list.

3. Intel NUC8

The Intel NUC NUC8 is a good unit that works very well and has no problems playing 4K videos.

While not the fastest unit it is a good low-cost solution and good for those looking for a budget PC.

You don’t need any additional hardware to install this computer to the back of your TV since it has a VESA mount.

Tips for Setting Up Your Mini PC with Your TV

Setting up your mini PC with your TV can be a great way to enjoy streaming content, browse the web, and even play games on a larger screen. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Check your TV’s Connectivity: Make sure your TV has an available connectivity port that you can use to connect your mini PC. You’ll also want to make sure that your TV supports the same resolution as your mini PC.

  2. Connect your mini PC to your TV: Use an HDMI cable to connect your mini PC to your TV. Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged into the correct HDMI port on your TV and mini PC.

  3. Set up your mini PC: Once your mini PC is connected to your TV, turn on your mini PC and follow the setup instructions. You may need to connect a keyboard and mouse to your mini PC to complete the setup process.

  4. Adjust your display settings: Depending on your TV and mini PC, you may need to adjust your display settings to get the best picture quality. You can usually do this by going to your mini PC’s display settings and selecting the resolution and refresh rate that works best with your TV.

  5. Install streaming apps: If you plan on streaming content from your mini PC, you’ll need to install the appropriate streaming apps. Popular options include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

  6. Connect your mini PC to the internet: To access streaming content and other online features, you’ll need to connect your mini PC to the internet. You can usually do this by connecting your mini PC to your home Wi-Fi network or using an Ethernet cable.

  7. Enjoy your mini PC on your TV: Once everything is set up, you should be able to enjoy your mini PC on your TV. Use your TV’s remote control to switch between different input sources and adjust the volume as needed.


A small computer can be a powerful device for your entertainment, it can be mounted on the back or on the side of the television for easy access.

Looking to enhance your TV experience with a powerful and compact mini PC?

Look no further than GEEKOM! Discover the latest and greatest mini PCs designed to seamlessly integrate with your TV setup.

This allows you to use your computer while watching movies and TV. We genuinely hope you have learned more about the mini PC and how they work, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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