Intel 13th Gen Release Date: The 13th Core Is Coming Soon!

Intel 13th Gen Release Date

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With the arrival of the second half of 2022, in addition to the cell phone market is about to usher in a new wave of “war”, the PC market will also usher in a variety of new products. For example, Intel recently announced that it will release the 13th generation of Core processors on September 28 and officially launch them for sale on October 17.

Intel Really Does Not Squeeze Toothpaste?

In fact, Intel’s reputation in the first few years is not too good, in the friends (AMD) has not given too much pressure in those years, Intel’s products are almost nothing to upgrade, but also by the consumers with the name of “toothpaste factory”.

However, starting from the 12th generation Core, perhaps Intel wants to open up, or AMD’s performance is too bright, this generation in terms of performance and power consumption to do extremely well, the reputation has also been improved accordingly.

Then it is reasonable to say that the 13th generation Core should also have a pretty good upgrade, although the 12th generation Core has been strong enough, but friendly AMD to put out a big move in the second half of the year, to come up with a sharp dragon processor comparable to the 13th generation Core, so Intel needs to come up with more sincere new products to ensure that their market share is not taken away.

Who Will be The First?

According to the news, Intel will first release the i9-13900K, Core i7-13700K and Core i5-13600K, the three top processors, whose general parameters are as follows.

  • i9-13900k:24 cores and 32 threads, 3.0-5.7GHz, 36M.
  • i7-13700k: 16-core, 24-thread, 3.4-5.3GHz, 30M.
  • i5-13600k: 14-core, 20-thread, 3.5-5.1GHz, 24M.

One of the most remarkable than the i9-13900K, according to the foreign media, this i9-13900K in the CPU-Z single-threaded run score of 846 points, multi-threaded 13,054 points, currently ranked at the top of the CPU-Z single-core list; multi-threaded results than 12900KF (11289 points) is 15% higher than the AMD R9 5950X 10% higher than.

To briefly summarize, in terms of score data, the i9-13900K’s single-core performance improves by 10% compared to the i9-12900KF, and its multi-core performance improves by nearly 35%, making its performance quite impressive.

The next best value for money is the i5-13600k, which did not disappoint us, showing a single-core score of 2012 and a multi-core score of 16,054 in GeekBench 5.

How scary is this data? As a comparison, the i9-12900k has a single-core score of 1,987 and a multi-core score of 17,287. In other words, the 13th generation i5 has been able to fight with the previous generation of flagship processors.

But don’t be too happy, because the introduction of the previous article is the positioning of high-end K series, and the standard version of the 13 generation Core upgrade will let us some disappointment.

How About Standard Version of The 13 Generation Core?

According to the extreme gamer hall of information, i5-13600, i5-13500 and i5-13400 are actually the vest of the 12th generation Core processor, but the use of the same core i9-12900, step version of 0.

To briefly summarize, the main part of the 13th generation Core (limited to the mid-range and high-end) is the small core + L2/L3 cache, and then a little bit of main frequency, so the 13th generation Core processor should have a relatively small increase in single-core performance, with an average increase of about 10%.

Multi-core performance is doubled because of the number of small cores and a larger frequency boost, so the multi-core boost should be considerable, up to about 40%.

However, due to the large increase in performance, the power consumption of the 13th generation Core processors will certainly have a significant increase. It was previously rumored that the power consumption of i9-13900k will exceed 400W, and now it seems that the truth of this rumor is not low.

How About The Price?

However, in the most concerned about the price may disappoint people, due to the plummeting profits of the semiconductor market in the past two years, Intel in order to ensure their profits can only improve the selling price of products. According to the foreign media, the 13th generation of Core processors compared to the 12th generation of the entire system rose by about 17%, specifically.

  • i9-13900k for $725.
  • i7-13700k for $511.
  • i5-13600k priced at $355.

Is The 12th Generation Into a Grab Bag?

As a rule, before the release of new products, businesses will cut the price of old products to clear inventory, although a small number of low-end CPU prices are falling, but many high-end CPUs are not falling but rising. However, it is certain that its price will be reduced after the release of the 13th generation Core, as to how much, it depends on the actual pricing and overall performance of the 13th generation Core.


In general, this 13th generation Core processor upgrade is still relatively large, but the upgrade cost is also increased. If you want to assemble a PC in the near future, it is not recommended to start a 13-generation Core processor at the first time, if you do not have a computer on hand or if the computer is broken, I recommend choosing a 犀利士” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>computer with 11 generation Core processor, as for rich players, it is natural to feel free.


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