How Much RAM Do I Need? [Dedicated Guide for Mini PCs]

How Much RAM Do I Need

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Are you currently looking to buy a brand new mini PC? Perhaps you are currently researching the separate tech-related specifications in order to purchase a small computer that will meet all of your needs?

While most mini PCs on the market today support custom expansion, it’s still wise to choose the right configuration for PC in the first place. Especially when it comes to choosing RAM.

Well, this article will help you figure out how much RAM you will need.

What Is a RAM

You may first be wondering, ‘what is a RAM?’ The acronym stands for ‘random access memory.’ And the simplist way to describe its function is that it works as your computer’s short-term memory.

Your computer’s RAM stores the data to help start your computer’s operating system, and also runs and stores the data of your computer’s applications. The RAM itself is only operational whilst your computer is turned on. As soon as it is switched off, all of the data is lost.

Which is why your computer system also has a hard drive to hold any saved data. Of course, the more applications taking up room on your RAM, the more strain you will be putting on it. This is why selecting the correct RAM capacity for your requirements is vital.

The Different Capacities Of RAM

Now you know what your computer RAM does, and the importance of selecting the right capacity, you may be wondering what memory sizes they typically come in.

RAM sizes tend to be grouped into the following four groups: less than 4GB, 4-8GB, 8-16GB, and more than 16GB of RAM.

But, you may question, ‘how much RAM do I need for my mini PC?’ Well, below we will describe the ideal user for each RAM capacity, to help you figure out which one meets your requirements.

Less Than 4GB Of RAM

Finding a computer that offers you less than 4GB of RAM is very rare these days, even a small PC with less power.

It is considered an industry standard for computers to have at least 4GB of RAM. But, there are some options, mostly Chrome OS, where you can still purchase a computer system with only 4GB of RAM.

If you are planning to have minimal applications and only use a few web browser tabs at any one time, you may be satisfied with 4GB of RAM. But we would recommend avoiding this size as much as possible, as the performance of your small device will be compromised.

4-8GB Of RAM

You should really aim for this RAM memory bracket as your minimal requirement when looking into purchasing a mini PC. Between 4 to 8GB is the minimal configuration of productivity users.

If you are using your computer system to work, perhaps sending emails and using Microsoft Office, as well as opening a reasonable amount of internet browsers. Then this may be an ideal RAM size for you. It will also be able to handle casual gaming, as long as the games do not require too much RAM.

8-16GB Of RAM

This particular size bracket is considered the sweet spot when it comes to mini PC’s RAM capacity. If you have a computer system with 8 to 16GB of RAM, your computer will easily be able to handle a considerable amount of applications running at one time, as well as a large amount of open web browser tabs.

If you also use your computer for streaming videos or gaming (especially games that are larger files), then a computer with a RAM capacity of 8 to 16GB will be ideal for you. In our opinion, recommending a mini PC with 8/16GB RAM is always the right thing to do.

More Than 16GB Of RAM

The final capacity bracket of more than 16GB of RAM is for those that have large requirements for the performance of their computer systems.

Although, the mini PC’s small size makes it easy to think it can’t run the struggle to run the latest games well. However, some recent high-end mini PCs have shattered this stereotype, give them enough RAM and they can handle heavy applications with ease.

If you are a user of any Adobe creative apps or will be working on extensive files on your computer. If you are also a streamer or a hardcore gamer, then in order for your system to provide you with the necessary performance, you will need to opt for a 16GB plus RAM capacity.


We would opt for the 8 to 16GB RAM capacity if you are a regular user of your computer. If you are a very light user when it comes to your computer, Then you will wish to opt for the 4-8GB of RAM. We would recommend avoiding computer systems with less than 4GB of RAM wherever possible, Whereas the top end of RAM capacity, 16GB and more, should be reserved for those heavy application users.


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