The Ultimate Showdown: Intel Core i7-12650H vs i7-13700H vs i7-12700H

intel Core i7 processor

In the realm of high-performance computing, the Core i7 series of processors from Intel stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. Among the latest additions to this esteemed lineup are the Core i7-12650H, i7-13700H, and i7-12700H processors, each representing a pinnacle of processing power and efficiency.

Whether you’re a casual user, a creative professional, or a hardcore gamer, this comprehensive analysis will guide you towards the optimal choice for your computing endeavors.

Here is a table that compares the key specifications of the  Intel Core i7-12650H vs i7-13700H vs i7-12700H


Intel Core i7-12650H

Intel Core


Intel Core



Alder Lake (12th Gen)

Raptor Lake (13th Gen)

Alder Lake

 (12th Gen)

Core/Thread Count

10 cores / 16 threads

14 cores / 20 threads

6 cores / 12 threads (Performance cores) + 4 cores / 4 threads (Efficiency cores)

Base Clock Speed

2.3 GHz

2.4 GHz

2.3 GHz (Performance cores) / 1.7 GHz (Efficiency cores)

Turbo Boost Max Speed

4.7 GHz

5.0 GHz

4.7 GHz (Performance cores) / 3.5 GHz (Efficiency cores)

L3 Cache

11.5 MB

24 MB

9.5 MB


45 W

45 W

45 W (Base) / 115 W (Maximum Turbo Power)

Integrated Graphics

Intel Iris Xe Graphics (64 EUs)

Intel Iris Xe Graphics with Xᵉ DG2 (96 EUs)

Intel Iris Xe

Graphics (64 EUs)

Supported Memory



DDR4-3200 + DDR5-4800

Major Differences

  • Core/Thread Count:The i7-13700H significantly outshines the others with its 14 cores and 20 threads, promising superior multitasking and heavy workload performance.
  • Turbo Boost Max Speed:The i7-13700H also boasts the highest single-core boost speed at 5.0 GHz, potentially leading to better responsiveness in certain tasks.
  • L3 Cache:The i7-13700H doubles the L3 cache size compared to the other two, potentially improving memory and data access speeds.
  • Supported Memory:The i7-12700H offers the flexibility of supporting both DDR4 and DDR5 memory, potentially future-proofing your laptop.

Performance Analysis


When it comes to gaming, all three processors deliver exceptional performance, capable of handling even the most demanding titles at high or ultra settings. The Core i7-13700H, with its superior core and thread count, holds a slight edge in frame rates and overall gaming smoothness, especially in titles that can leverage its additional cores. However, the Core i7-12650H and i7-12700H are no slouches either, providing consistently high frame rates and immersive gaming experiences.

For instance, games like Cyberpunk 2077 is known for their incredibly detailed and complex environments, which can strain even the most powerful hardware. The Core i7-13700H’s additional cores and threads give it an edge in these games, resulting in smoother gameplay and faster loading times.

On the other hand, games like Doom Eternal and Apex Legends are less demanding on the CPU and rely more on the GPU for performance. In these games, the Core i7-12650H and i7-12700H can deliver frame rates that are just as high as the Core i7-13700H, making them excellent choices for competitive gaming.

Content Creation

For content creators, the Core i7-13700H shines brightest, thanks to its impressive multi-core performance. Its ability to handle multiple demanding tasks simultaneously makes it ideal for video editing, rendering, and graphic design. The Core i7-12650H and i7-12700H also perform admirably in these tasks, but the Core i7-13700H’s additional cores and threads give it a noticeable advantage in productivity.

Video Editing

In the realm of video editing, the Core i7-13700H and i7-12700H take center stage with their exceptional performance. Their high clock speeds and ample cache sizes enable them to breeze through video editing tasks, rendering complex projects in a fraction of the time. The Core i7-12650H, while still capable, may exhibit some limitations when handling particularly demanding video editing workloads.


When it comes to multitasking, all three processors excel, effortlessly juggling multiple applications and tasks without breaking a sweat. The Core i7-13700H, with its superior core count, demonstrates exceptional multitasking prowess, handling even the most intensive workloads with remarkable fluidity. The Core i7-12650H and i7-12700H also deliver impressive multitasking performance, making them ideal for users who frequently run multiple programs simultaneously.

Benchmark Results and Real-World Examples

* In Cinebench R23, the Core i7-13700H dominates with a multi-core score of approximately 20,000 points, followed by the Core i7-12700H at around 18,000 points and the Core i7-12650H at approximately 16,000 points.

* In real-world video editing tests using Adobe Premiere Pro, the Core i7-13700H rendered a 4K video project in just over 4 minutes, while the Core i7-12700H and Core i7-12650H took approximately 5 and 6 minutes, respectively.

* In multitasking tests involving running multiple applications and browser tabs simultaneously, the Core i7-13700H exhibited the smoothest performance, with minimal lag or slowdown, followed by the Core i7-12700H and Core i7-12650H.

Power Consumption and Efficiency

The Core i7-12650H, i7-13700H, and i7-12700H processors exhibit varying levels of power consumption and efficiency. The Core i7-12650H, with a TDP of 35W, is the most power-efficient of the three, making it ideal for thin and light laptops that prioritize battery life. The Core i7-13700H and i7-12700H, both with TDPs of 45W, consume slightly more power but still offer impressive efficiency.

In terms of battery life, the Core i7-12650H shines brightest, providing up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge in productivity tasks. The Core i7-13700H and i7-12700H, while still capable of delivering good battery life, may see their battery life reduced to around 7-8 hours under similar usage conditions due to their higher power consumption.

The Core i7-12650H and i7-12700H processors are compatible with motherboards based on Intel’s 600-series chipset, including the Z690, H670, and B660 chipsets.

Compatibility and Upgradability

Motherboard and Chipset Compatibility

The Core i7-13700H processor, on the other hand, requires motherboards with Intel’s latest 700-series chipset, such as the Z790, H770, and B760 chipsets.

Potential for Future Upgrades

The Core i7-12650H and i7-12700H processors support Intel’s LGA 1700 socket, which may allow for future upgrades to newer 12th-generation or even 13th-generation Core i7 processors, depending on motherboard compatibility.

The Core i7-13700H processor, with its LGA 1800 socket, may have limited upgrade options in the future, as it is based on a newer socket.


* For users seeking the absolute best performance for gaming, content creation, and demanding multitasking, the Core i7-13700H is the clear choice.

* For users who prioritize power efficiency and battery life without sacrificing performance, the Core i7-12650H is an excellent option.

* The Core i7-12700H strikes a balance between performance and power consumption, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Core i7-12650H, i7-13700H, and i7-12700H processors offer a range of options to meet the diverse needs of users. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a professional user, there’s a Core i7 processor that can deliver the performance and efficiency you demand.

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1. Which processor is best for gaming?

 The Core i7-13700H is the best choice for gaming, as it offers the highest performance and can handle even the most demanding games at high or ultra settings.

2. Which processor is best for multitasking?

All three processors are capable of handling multitasking effectively, but the Core i7-13700H and i7-12700H have a slight edge due to their higher core and thread counts.

3. Where can I find mini PCs equipped with these processors?

GEEKOM offers a range of mini PCs powered by the Core i7-12650H, i7-13700H processors. Their mini PCs are known for their compact designs, powerful performance, and competitive pricing.

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